About Dr Tina Mistry


I went into private practice because I was fed up of the 'revolving door' process that I kept seeing in the NHS. Many of my clients were seen for 6-12 sessions, often that's all they were allowed due to long waiting lists and pressure to ease the strain on services, 

This is not to say that the picture in private healthcare is different, many clients who are funded by health insurance also face the limitations of a set number of funded sessions. However, moving into private practice was about being able to chose to serve my clients well. 

I offer only 10 sessions per week, I do not work any more than that. Being able to limit the number of sessions I provide gives me better head space and gives you, the client a better therapy experience. Many clinicians who see more clients or are forced to reasons beyond them may experience burn out. I do not want this for myself or you. 

I wanted to provide my clients a warm experience, starting from the moment they picked up the phone to when they meet me in person. I believe that customer service and environment matters. It is a warm homely and professional service that makes you feel welcome. It matters if you arrive in a building that is modern, clean and comfortable. This is my wish for you, to experience a great service. I believe that having this, will allow you to feel 'at home' and be you. 


Drop me a call, to see if you want support from a clinical psychologist like me.