Terms and Conditions of Psychological Therapy

Hello and welcome to TherapySense. We know that lots of words can be boring, however it is essential that you could read this document so you are aware of what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. 

  • Session duration and fees

Sessions last 50 minutes to a hour. 

The fee for each session varies per psychologist. See website for further details.

  • Self pay and health insurance payments

Self pay payments are to be made at time of booking by online payment services STRIPE or PAYPAL. 

If you have private medical health insurance and choose to use this, payments are dealt directly between TherapySense and your private health insurance provider. Please provide your membership number and authorisation code for us to process this.

  • No show, cancellations and changes to appointments

If you do not attend your booked appointment you may be charged for the session.

Should you wish to cancel or amend your session, this needs to be done Monday to Friday with at least 2 days (48 hours) notice before your session. 

If you fail to do this, you will still be charged for the session that was originally booked.

Less than 48hrs notice – 50% charge of session fee

Less than 24hrs notice – 100% charge of session fee

Sometimes the company (Health insurance company or Rehabilitation company) may pay for all or part of the DNA charge. If this is the case we will let you know.  

  • Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, online video conferencing or phone session will be offered as an alternative to a face to face session and if this is declined then cancellation charges will still apply as above.

  • Holidays

Please let us know of any holidays or planned breaks with as much notice as possible to preserve the continuity of our work and our psychologists will do the same.

  • Lateness and being early for sessions

If you arrive late for the session. The session will still end at the same time. If you arrive early please wait in the designated area and we will call you at the appointment time.

  • What to consider before engaging in psychological therapy

Since therapy often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of the your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. Psychological therapy can also lead to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress and anxiety. 

There are no guarantees of what you will experience. However, most people benefit and feel empowered by regular psychological work. It is important to remember that, ultimately, the you are responsible for your own health physically, emotionally and psychologically. 

TherapySense cannot be held responsible for your well-being whilst in session or anytime afterwards.

  • What to expect when starting therapy:

When your first enquire about starting therapy, basic personal information will be collected for contact and identification reasons. If you for whatever reason, you do not engage in therapy with our psychologists then your details will be deleted.

At your first session with the psychologist, an evaluation of your psychological health will be completed, this will include gathering information about your current issues and any historical information about you, your family and life. The psychologist will be taking notes during the session and these notes will be stored in your file. 

In following sessions you and your psychologist will think together about developing a shared understanding of the issues you are facing. Sometimes we write this in a letter, draw it on a board or talk about it. 

Once we have a shared understanding in place we can think about how to work through the issues. Sometimes the shared understanding changes as new information is discussed and we continue to work on the issues based on what has been discovered. During the follow up sessions the psychologist keeps a note on what has been  discussed in the session and next steps, again these are stored in your file. The notes are used solely for the delivery of a psychological therapy service to you and are not shared with anyone unless consented by you.

  • Your rights on the information we hold about you:

You have the right to verify the accuracy or to ask for them to be supplemented, deleted, updated or corrected. You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please email or write to us via the contact details stated in this agreement. Information will be provided to you within 30 days.

We want to make sure that your information is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate. You have a right to request the transfer of your data to another individual or company.

  • How long we keep your information for - data retention

Your information is kept for the time necessary to provide the therapy service requested. In the case of children aged under 13 years records will be kept for 7 years after they reach the age of maturity (18 years old). After this date, all data will be securely deleted.

  • Sharing of data

There may be times where it may be helpful to share your information like family or third parties like your GP or health insurance company. We will explicitly ask your consent before doing so. If we do send data to third parties it will be sent securely.

Each psychologist is required to undergo regular supervision so that you can be assured they are providing you with the best possible service. We share anonymised information about you with our supervisors who are also HCPC registered (www.hcpc-uk.org) in order to regularly review our practice.

  • Security of your data

Information will be kept securely and confidentially in line with the data retention policy as stated above.

Lawful basis for processing your information

The lawful basis for us holding and using your information is in relation to the delivery of a contract to you as a health care professional. As an accredited member of HCPC we operate under a strict code of confidentiality.

  • Confidentiality

We at TherapySense believe confidentiality is an integral part of psychological therapy as it helps to build the therapeutic relationship and provides you a sense of safety.

All of the personal information that is provided to us, either by your referrer or by you, will be kept securely and confidentially. There are exceptions where the confidentiality boundary of the sessions will be broken, these include if you disclose risk of harm to yourself or someone else, or there was a disclosure of a criminal act. If this happens we will explain what process will happen next and will make recommendations, which will be documented in your notes.

  • Communication outside of therapy sessions

We do not engage in any communication with clients outside of therapy sessions and we will discuss this in session should this happen.

We do not engage in communication via social media with past, current or prospective clients. This policy enables us to keep your confidentiality. Should you wish to contact us you will need to book an appointment by emailing hello@therapysense.co.uk 

  • Psychological availability

Please avoid taking affect altering drugs or alcohol before a session. If you arrive in what we believe to be an altered state that makes you psychologically unavailable the session will not take place and you will be charged for the session.

  • Progress reviews

We will review sessions regularly approximately every four - six sessions to ensure you feel you are getting the most out of therapy; you are not tied into any commitment you can end sessions at any time. If we consider your requirements beyond our competence we reserve the right to end the treatment, we will discuss this in the session with you and recommendations of suitable service providers will be provided.

  • Crisis Support

Sometimes between sessions you might find that you are struggling.  

If you feel that you are in need of support because you or someone you know is at risk of harm then contact 999 or present yourself at A&E. There you will be supported by a team who specialise in crisis issues.

If however you feel you are not at risk of hurting yourself and you are still finding it difficult to cope but cannot wait until your next appointment with your psychologist then contact your GP for an emergency appointment. The GP will be able to offer further immediate support, this could be medication.

At TherapySense we may be able to offer you an earlier appointment to see your psychologist, however this can not guaranteed. If we cannot offer you an appointment sooner we will ask you to see your GP and will follow this up with your GP, as this is part of our duty of care to you.  

  • Finishing Therapy

If either you or the psychologist think it is time to bring the therapy to an end, this should be discussed and arranged. Sometimes one session is enough to make sure the decision is a good one. Sometimes it is better to have a series of sessions to review the work and either decide to go on with therapy after all, or else to find a way of making a good ending. Ending the therapeutic relationship is a shared process and should never be a one-sided or impulsive act

What to expect from TherapySense and your psychologist

All practitioner psychologists must be registered and abide by the ethical codes of practice set out by the Health & Care Professions Council (www.hcpc-uk.org) and British Psychological Society (www.bps.org.uk).www.hcpc-uk.org) and British Psychological Society (www.bps.org.uk).

  • Disclaimer

Please bear in mind that TherapySense cannot always offer assessment or treatment for every issue which may arise. Where possible we will try to signpost you to someone who may be able to help you with that particular issue.

The psychologist is solely responsible for psychological assessment and treatment. You must not alter or permit the alteration of any report prepared by the psychologist. 

TherapySense will be responsible for your case management, but will not be responsible for any breach of agreement with your psychologist, who is governed by the HCPC code of conduct.

  • Anti-discrimination policy

TherapySense is strongly committed to anti-discrimination. It values difference and diversity and does not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender and gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, marital/partnership status, religion, race, colour, national origin, disability, heritage or political belief.

  • Guarantees

The effects of therapy vary from person to person, therefore a cure or money back guarantee does not apply.

TherapySense reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time and we will let you know if we do this.

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us at:

(e) hello@therapysense.co.uk

(t) 0121 3961316

(w) www.therapysense.co.uk