What we can offer

1.  One to one Therapy - You can been seen at one of our confidential and comfortable clinics in Birmingham city centre or Solihull. If this is not suitable we also offer video conferencing appointments (like Skype). We will try our best to accommodate you around your schedule as best as we can.

2.  Therapy with your partner or family member - again you can be seen at one of the clinics we have available to us.

3.  Group sessions/workshops - we have a number of workshops available for people to come along to. These sessions are aimed to provide information and place to discuss with others issues that you may be experiencing. Examples of workshops include: infant/child sleep difficulties, psychological impact of parenthood, thinking about attachment, infant development and fertility (including psychological impact of menopause).

4.  Working alongside employers - We are keen to work with employers, to help them support their staff with issues regarding parenting and fertility (including menopause). Additionally we can offer teaching and training sessions as well as a consultancy service to organisations.