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Understanding Attachment and Relationships

We believe that our early relationships and experiences shape the way we see ourselves, other people and the world around us.  Experience of psychological or emotional distress can often be better understood and managed by having a good understanding of these early experiences and the impact on us.

If you feel that you would like to explore how early relationships may have had an impact on how we feel now (be it feelings related to anxiety or depression) we are the service for you. We will gently explore with you these issues and help you to understand the importance of relationships.   


We want to provide a space where you and your partner can think about how having a baby is going or is currently affecting you and your relationship. Both you and your partner may experience feelings of disconnection, loss, worry and stress with becoming parents.

The transition to parenthood is often overlooked in our current society. It is a stage where our personal identities and roles need to be adjusted, which can cause emotional upheaval for some. The time when we decide to become parents ourselves can also bring up issues relating to our childhoods and of how we were parented.


 The ending of a woman’s fertility stage can have an impact on her both physically and emotionally. The rates of anxiety and depression are significantly increased during this phase. The hormonal shifts can make you feel out of control with your emotions and you may also start to feel like you are no longer yourself, which can impact on your significant relationships.


We specialise in working with women in this particular transitional phase. We take into account her physical, emotional, relational and social needs and provide you and your love ones the support and guidance to make sense of this period in your life.



We want to support couples who are on the journey to becoming parents and provide you with a space where you and your partner can reflect on the challenges you face together. This can include talking about the worries about becoming a parent, how you feel about trying for a baby, difficulties in conceiving and the impact it can have on your relationship.

For those who have taken the decision to undergo artificial reproductive technology (IVF or Donor Conception) we have the skills and expertise to support you along this journey. As the process of ART can be both physically and emotionally demanding, you may experience highs and lows throughout the process. We aim to provide a sensitive and holistic support service to help you through this time.

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